First of it’s kind in the UK

First of it’s kind in the UK

First of it’s kind in the UK


Welcome to Lovemeds,  online dating which brings people with special health conditions or disability  together for a wonderful experience finding the true love they deserve without the fear of judgment or the fear of disclosure. It’s common knowledge that many people are seeking relationships online on a regular dating app which does not provide for the needs of those that are affected by a medical condition or disability.

This platform was created from my personal experience and struggle whilst trying to navigate the dating world during my cancer diagnosis and treatments. I quickly realised that being single and alone during a life threatening illness can be incredibly difficult and traumatic, as it highlights the importance of companionship. So just having someone there to pat your back and encourage you can be really therapeutic.

If you have a medical condition or disability that makes it difficult for you to find a date on a regular dating app, then look no further, this platform can match you with other people with similar needs and wants as yourself with the knowledge and respect for any health related condition you might have. Moreover, Lovemeds will take away the awkward moment of disclosing your health status after going on a date and can also avoid the feeling of rejection after disclosure.

Finding someone who is in a similar situation, who can understand and relate with your health status is a great thing and natural desire for everyone. This platform enables people to be more open and relax in advance when dating, so you can progress to the next stages of building a lasting and loving relationship once you connect with someone. This creates a happy interaction which is just as important to your wellbeing as being physically fit, so joining this dating app can potentially help to improve your quality of life with any kind of illness or medical condition you might have. We are not meant to be alone, so having a medical condition or disability should not stop you from having companionship that you deserve.

In general, it is hard to meet people even without cancer, therefore this platform is created to ease people into great dating experience as dating can be really challenging especially in a culture that’s focussed less on commitment and more on casual dating or physical appearance.

I am aware that some people may feel this type of online dating can make you vulnerable or over-identify with your health issue but I believe that accepting and embracing your medical condition or disability is a great way to understand that life can throw things at us which we have no control over. 


Hello, we hope you have a great experience using our platform, remember this a non judgmental website aimed at finding you great matches regardless of your medical condition. Please feel free to explore matches and send messages. It’s free too look around Lovemeds – first of its kind in the UK